Vegetable Peeling Equipment

If you need an industrial peeling machine, we have several to fit your needs.

We ensure the highest quality machinery at the best value, giving you the solutions you need.


Commercial Vegetable Peelers

Root Vegetable Peeler

  • This machine is for peeling root vegetables like carrots, beets and so forth.
  • It can be equipped with a brush or carborundum shafts for a combination of both of them.

Onion Peeler

  • This machine is used for peeling onions.

Knife Peeler

  • This is a machine used for peeling potatoes, beet roots, celeriac, etc.
  • It comes after pre-washing and de-stoning the products.

Peeler / Polisher

  • This is a machine used to peel / polish the products resulting in a nice and soft surface.