Vegetable Peeling Equipment

If you need an industrial peeling machine, we have several to fit your needs.

We ensure the highest quality commercial machinery at the best value, giving you the solutions you need.


Vegetable Peelers

Root Vegetable Peeler

  • This machine is for peeling root vegetables like carrots, beets, etc. 

  • It can be equipped with a brush or carborundum shafts for a combination of both of them.

Onion Peeler

  • This system offers a complete process for 45mm to 115mm diameter onions.

  • It tops and tails the onions in one operation then slits the outer skin and removes it with compressed air.

  • No change parts are required. The onions are picked up from the hopper automatically and then positioned by the feed operator so that the tops and tails are set horizontally across the carriers.

Knive Peeler

Knife Peeler

  • This is a machine used for peeling potatoes, beet roots, celeriac, etc.

  • It comes after pre-washing and de-stoning the products.

  • A rotating drum with built-in knife modules represents the working unit. A product is tipped using a step conveyor belt into the loading chute. From there it falls into the drum cavity where it is advanced by means of the worm-shaft. 

  • The speed of the peeling process is controlled by the rotation of this shaft.  The continuous rotation of the drum causes the rotation of the product against the set of knives. On contact with sharp knife-edges the surface of the product peels-off. 

  • Peeled vegetables are fed-out using an outlet chute, while the peelings are collected underneath the drum either in a container or removed by means of a distinct conveyor belt.

Abressive Peeler-

Peeler / Polisher / Washer

  • This is a machine used to peel / polish the products resulting in a nice and soft surface.

  • All stainless steel construction throughout ensures long life.

  • Continuous welds eliminate cracks and crevices for easy sanitation.

  • Cleanout doors are positioned to allow easy access for maintenance.

  • Quick change rolls for easy maintenance and minimal downtime.

  • Available with abrasive rolls or brushes.

  • VFD drives provide adjustable roll and mobilizer speed.

  • Mobilizer increases prduction efficienty, lengthens life of rolls and brushes and reduces water usage. Helical-shaped rods generate
    a positive tumbling action of the product ensuring uniform product conveying, loading and discharge. Reduces flat spots on product which increases yield. 1/2 hp drive.

  • 540 5 hp 560/580 7-1/2 hp

  • Water up to 25 gpm @ 40 psi 

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