Tomato Processing Line

Stay ahead of your competitors with ProEx Line Automation. Our tomato paste processing equipment can help reduce the level of manual intervention needed to get the job done.

We offer you the best solution for your tomato paste production line. We provide you a Turn-Key Project from Layout Planning up to installation and start up of all equipment in your production location.

Tomato - Paste & juice Processing Line

Tomato Paste / Juice Processing Line

We provide a complete line for processing tomatoes for making tomato sauce, tomato juice that’s drinkable, and tomato paste. We custom-engineer complete processing lines that include:

  • Line for receiving, washing and sorting which includes a water filtering system
  • Line for extracting juice with Cold Break and Hot Break technology
  • Forced circulation continuous evaporators, multi or simple effect with the eventual use of MVR or TVR, fully controlled by PLC
  • Line for aseptic filling expressly made for high viscous products and aseptic bags of different sizes, all controlled by PLC
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