Sweet Corn Processing Line

Stay ahead of your competitors with ProEx Line Automation. Our sweet corn processing equipment can help reduce the level of manual intervention needed to get the job done.

We offer you the best solution for your sweet corn processing line. You will receive a Turn-Key Project from Layout Planning up to installation and start up of all equipment in your production location.

sweet corn processing line - corn husker

Sweet Corn Husker

  • Sweet Corn is carried in from the field where the corn shucker machine performs the duty of expertly removing the husk from the ear and also any other litter from the field.
  • The husk free ear is then released from the husking bed for additional processing. Depending on the roll setup, the Husker can be used for fresh market or processed sweet corn.
  • Corn is delivered into the infeed hopper with the use of a gauging tilt belt.
  • The infeed hopper feeds a gauging conveyor that supplies a regulated row of corn to the vibratory feed pan.
  • The vibratory feed pan produces a uniformly dispensed row of corn onto the husking bed.
  • The husking bed consists of a certain amount of lanes that have two shafts turning against each other.
  • Connected to these shafts are an assortment of rolls that grab the husk and remove it from the ear.
  • The husk free ear travels to the end of the bed where it is conveyed away for further processing.
sweet corn processing line - corn cutter

Sweet Corn Cutter

  • Our Sweet Corn Cutter machine is a quick and efficient way of orienting and then cutting sweet corn kernels from the cob.
  • The structure can be either hand fed, therefore excluding the Orienter, or fed with the use of a distribution conveyor.
  • The sweet corn ears are conveyed to the Orienter which uses tension to correctly adjust the ear for cutting. This is accomplished by the use of a slanted conveyor bringing the ears to an angled tension gate.
  • When the ear is already oriented properly it will descend to the Cutter feed conveyor as it is. When the ear is oriented in reverse, the grip point of the gate turns the ear around while releasing it onto the conveyor.
  • The Cutter feed conveyor delivers the ear to the infeed where it is securely grasped by rubber rolls with pins that feed the ear into the cutter knives while assessing and regulating the knife opening to the appropriate diameter for each ear.
  • The cutting head rotates at a constant speed and as the ear moves along, it removes the kernels which fall through a port for further processing.
  • The cob is then expelled out the discharge end of the cutter for disposing.
sweet corn processing line - cob saw

Cob Saw

  • The Cob Saw Machine is designed for cutting off the tips and tails or cutting various sized cobbettes.
  • Additional vegetables that can be run through the cob saw include peppers, celery, zucchini, and carrots.
  • The saw is capable of cutting ears off either husked or shucked sweet corn.
  • When processing unhusked corn, an additional air nozzle is included to help open the leaves to aid in husk removal.
  • The system is hand-fed by as many as three operators positioning and orienting the ears on the roller conveyor.
  • The cob is taken by the conveyor to the cutting head where it is cut to a size based on the customer’s specifications.
  • The cut length is easily changed through the use of replaceable arbors.

Sweet Corn Automatic Electric Cutter

16 Lane Sweet Corn Husker

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