Frozen / Canned Sweet Corn Processing Line

The ProEx Food Frozen / Canned Sweet Corn Processing Line elevates your throughput through the next level of lightly-processed, shelf-stable applications. Our solution allows for various automation levels, including complete robotic solutions.  Our engineers will perfect the design to make sure your end product kernels are handled at the right level to meet your buyer specifications.  We will ensure your operation delivers high-quality product with high levels of throughput.

We had to show you the fresh market video, because this highlights our robotic automation. Don’t worry, we also have experience with frozen and canned applications.  In addition to the equipment in our fresh market version, our frozen / canned lines include options for:

  • Input product quality scanning
  • Cutting the kernels from the cob
  • Scalping reels
  • Nubbin grading
  • Floatation washers
  •  Blanching & cooling
  • Primary Packaging
    • Belt-weighing and dosing
    • Bulk totes
    • Bags / Pouches
    • Canning (and sterilization)
  • Secondary Packaging
    • Boxing/Crating
    • Palletizing
sweet corn processing line - corn husker

Sweet Corn Husker

  • Corn first enters your plant through an infeed hopper with the use of a gauging tilt belt conveyor
  • The gauging conveyor supplies a regulated row of corn to the vibratory feed pan
  • This vibration results in a uniformly dispensed row of corn onto the husking bed
  • The husker consists of a certain amount of lanes, depending on your capacity / throughput needs
  • Opposing shafts fitted with rollers (optimized for frozen/canned kernel requirements) remove the husks themselves from the ears
  • This process also removes any other litter from the field
  • The now naked ear is then released from the husking bed to the next conveyor for additional processing
sweet corn processing line - corn cutter

Sweet Corn Cutter

  • Our sweet corn cutter quickly and efficiently removes the kernels from the cob
  • The machine can be  hand fed, fed and orientated with a distribution conveyor or upgraded to robotic placement and orientation
  • Ears are securely grasped by rubber rolls with pins that feed the ear into the cutter knives while assessing and regulating the knife opening to the appropriate diameter for each ear
  • The cutting head rotates at a constant speed and as the ear moves along, it removes the kernels which fall through a port for further processing
  • The cob is then expelled out the discharge end of the cutter for disposing
sweet corn processing line - cob saw

Cob Saw

  • This specialized machine cuts the tops and tails off of the cobs
  • This machine can also cut other vegetables, including carrots, celery, peppers, zucchini, and others
  • You can cut either green/untouched cobs for husked ears
  • When processing unhusked corn, an additional air nozzle is included to help open the leaves to aid in husk removal
  • The system can be hand-fed (for orientation) by as many as three operators or fitted with a robotic orientation system
  • Once placed, the cut size is set to your specification 
  • The cut length is easily changed through the use of replaceable arbors

Sweet Corn Automatic Electric Cutter

16 Lane Sweet Corn Husker

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