Replacement Parts For Food Processing & Packaging

We supply high-quality quality spare parts directly from our internal production lines, OEM manufacturers and additional partners in the US and Europe.

All parts that ProEx Food makes available meet or exceed our rigorous standards for quality and fit.  They are precision crafted to work with not only ProEx Food brand equipment, but other major OEM brands as well.  All items are examined by and approved by our engineers before we make them available to you.  

Our genuine replacement parts help sustain your operational uptime while ensuring your equipment is running at high performance levels and delivering output products of the highest quality.

Spare Parts larger

Replacement Parts

ProEx Food replacement parts are competitively priced and available with reasonable lead times.  Improve your uptime and operational efficiency by using ProEx Food replacement parts.  

Gain peace of mind, knowing these parts will fit correctly and operate efficiently.  Our fresh market sweet corn parts, including Hughes-spec low profile husker rollers, will also work across most major brands.

We can provide spare parts for all equipment we sell, and have the lowest lead times for the parts we sell most commonly:

  • Husker Rollers
  • Cutter Heads & Knives
  • Shaft Assemblies
  • Spur Gears
  • Bearing Brackets
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