Potato Processing Line

ProExFood manufactures various equipment for potato processing. We offer you the best solution for your potato processing line. Other than simple potato peeling lines (including des-stoner, washers, abrasive peelers, knife peelers, polishers, etc), we provide complete solutions for French Fries Processing Line as well Potato Chips Processing Line. 

We provide you a Turn-Key Project from Layout Planning up to installation and start up of all equipment in your production location.

French Fries Potato Processing Line

French Fries Processing Equipment

According to your need we will custom-engineer your processing line.

Our French Fries Lines include following equipment:

  • Potato Buffer Hopper
  • Destoner
  • Steam Peeler
  • Screw Auger
  • Brush Deskinner
  • Inspection Table
  • Hydro Cutting System
  • Sliver Remover
  • Nubbin Remover
  • Screw Water Blancher
  • Second Stage Blancher
  • Belt Dryer
  • Continuous Frying System
  •  Belt Cooler
  • IQF Freezer
  • Vertical Packaging Machine
  • Central Control Panel
Potato Production Line

Potato Processing Equipment

We have experience with IQF, vacuum  packed, sliced or whole potato processing lines.
  • Destoner
  • Peeling System ( Potato Knive Peeler, Potato Brush Peeler, Waterless Peeler)
  • Blanching System ( Belt Blancher, Rotary Blancher, Screw Blanchers) 
  • Potato Washing Equipment    
  • Potato Packaging
  • Automatic Palletizing 
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