Pick & Place Robots

ProEx Food automation robots will help improve your operational efficiency while decreasing your labor needs and costs.   These machines can run 24/7, are more precise than a human hand and don’t need to be hired, trained, re-trained, nor retained.  They do what you need to be done, when you need it.

ProEx Food helps you plan, design and install your automation solution, whether you are looking to tackle a specific task or automation your entire line.  Our newest and most transformative automation products focus on deploying robotics into your processes.

Robotics today have become significantly more efficient and functional, bringing new levels of uptime, consistency and productivity to your operation.  Grabbers nowadays are able to grasp a large variety of products and packaging with the right amount of force.  Today’s versions mitigate damage to your products, at a much more reliable level than manual labor.  The robots are there 24/7, repeating the processes you need to perform without either physical or mental fatigue.  They only need to be retrained when your process and application changes, and retain the knowledge to switch back and forth between applications as needed

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