Onion Processing Line

Stay ahead of your competitors with ProEx Line Automation. Our onion processing equipment can help reduce the level of manual intervention needed to get the job done.

We offer you the best solution for your onion production line. We provide you a Turn-Key Project from Layout Planning up to installation and start up of all equipment in your production location.

Onion Processing Line
Onion Production Line

ProEx specializes in custom-engineered vegetable processing equipment, including onion peeling machines. An onion peeling line includes:

  • A reception hopper where onions are fed in

  • A transportation belt

  • An onion peeler machine

  • The inspection table

  • An automatic weighing machine

  • The waste transportation belt

Our quality onion peelers can save you money. They are easy to manage, low in power cost and make your workers happy with their ease of use.


  • This system offers a complete process for 45mm to 115mm diameter onions.

  • It tops and tails the onions in one operation then slits the outer skin and removes it with compressed air.

  • No change parts are required. The onions are picked up from the hopper automatically and then positioned by the feed operator so that the tops and tails are set horizontally across the carriers.

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