Mushroom Processing Line

Stay ahead of your competitors with ProEx Line Automation. Our mushroom processing equipment can help reduce the level of manual intervention needed to get the job done.

We offer you the best solution for your mushroom production process. We provide you a Turn-Key Project from Layout Planning up to installation and start up of all equipment in your production location.

Mushroom Processing Line

  • Designed to meet your demand for mushroom processing, our mushroom slicer machine will cut edible button / white cup and other mushrooms, fresh kelp and other soft vegetables into shreds or slices with a smooth surface and regular shape.
  • We provide you the best and state of the art solution for mushroom processing all from one hand. We have highest quality and industry standards for our machines for hydrating, slicing, dewatering, desalinating, blanching, cooling, sorting and packing. 

Vacuum Chamber

The machine is used to impregnate the processed mushroom eg. champignons with water solution. The process purpose is to remove the air from intercellular spaces. Thank to this vacuum chamber the product can keep its natural color and shape for a longer time and gain better energy conductance.

Button / White Cup Mushroom Slicer

This machine is dedicated to slicing fresh white cup mushrooms. The process of slicing is achieved with use of rotating knives. This unit is also capable to slice fresh, dilled or pickled cucumbers. A similar slicer is available for slicing washed white mushrooms.

Water/Air Washer

The water/air washing unit is used for washing soft fruit and vegetable, such as button / white cup mushrooms, berries, plums, cherries, peeled onions and cucumbers.

Immersion Belt Blancher

The blancher is used for heat treatment of vegetables and mushrooms before freezing or further processing.
Raw material is supplied directly on the machine belt in the infeed part using a conveyor or manually from the boxes- the belt is constructed in such a way that enables two boxes of the product to be accommodated between two cleats forming one operation chamber. Raw material is transported on the belt to the appropriate operation part, where it is immersed under water. Specially installed sheet metal ensures complete immersion of mushrooms under water that is heated by steam through the direct injection. At the end of the machine, the product is lifted above the water surface, passes through the cold water spraying system (until cooling and rinsing off the process water) and is directed to the discharge.

Button / White Cup Mushroom Screw Blancher

The unit is designed for blanching white mushrooms using the eccentric screw movement principle.

Washer for Boxes and Baskets

The Washer is designed for washing dirty packaging such as boxes, buckets or baskets which are used in fruit and vegetable processing industry.

Mushroom Calibrator

The unit is dedicated to mushroom sorting. The unit's flexibility and efficiency while maintaining a high quality of the end product are only few advantages with our mushroom calibrator. The machines is the most efficient for sorting fresh or frozen champignons, but can be also used for other products.

Drum Calibrator

The trim calibrator, depending on its version, is designed to sort frozen fruit and vegetable according to the diameter size. It can be used for fresh or frozen mushrooms e.g. champignons.

Belt Weighing Batcher

The machine is designed to batch frozen products into bags or cartons in fruit, vegetable and mushroom processing industry. Product from infeed is taken by spoke elevators- preliminary and fine one. Next, it goes to the basket coupled with weighing system. After reaching a predetermined weight, it is automatically dump. This device can for independently as a stationary weight and may also be coupled with automatic packaging.

Bags / Carton Packaging Line

ProexFood bulk packaging line is dedicated to dosing frozen product into paper or film bags (max. 25 kg) and carton box (max. 15kg). Line in most advanced version consist following machines:
- Belt weighing Batcher
- Conveyor for empty boxes
- conveyor with stitcher or/and sealer
- Belt elevating conveyor
- Carton sealer
- Carton closing machine
- Conveyor with metal detector
- Roller buffer
We will consider the customer specifications on the design of our packaging lines. The customer should also define the automation degree of packaging lines. We are capable of designing completely manual to fully automated packaging lines.

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