Leafy Green Processing Line

Leafy Greens are a hot product in the marketplace.  Keep ahead of demand and ever-increasing product safety and hygiene regulations by implementing ProEx Food equipment and automation solutions into your processing and packaging line.  

The ProEx Food Leafy Green Processing & Packaging line ensures that you stay ahead of your competition – creating a final product that is both visually striking and safe for your consumers.  We’ll engineer a solution that is right for you, and deliver a turn-key installation so you can be up and running quickly.  Ask about our robotic automation options to truly automate your leafy green processing and packaging operation.

Equipment available for your leafy greens:

  • Infeed / Inspection Conveyors
  • Optical &  Contaminant Scanning
  • Tote Handling / Storage
  • Dewatering Systems
  • Blending Systems
  • Primary Packaging, including Clamshells
  • Case Packing & Palletizing
  • Control Systems

Leafy greens are a product category for which we have partners for most of the equipment, and most designs and installations are bespoke due to high levels of variation the the processing.  We account for whole leaf vs shred, treated and non-treated washing systems, vibratory or paddle blending, and many combinations of dosing and primary packaging types.

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