Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Equipment

We provide sorting solutions for a wide range of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Our vegetable calibrator machines can efficiently remove unwanted stems and foreign material from food and sort into process lines.


Calibration and Screening Equipment

Soil and Sand Separator

  • This machine is for separating contaminants such as sand and soil from raw fruit and vegetable

Optical Sorter

  • We provide you the best optical sorting solution for Fresh and Frozen Fruit and Vegetable
Key Benefits of our sorters: 
– The most hygienic sorters
– Best available technologies for the vision system
– After Sales Services


Roller, Drum Calibrators / Calibrator Mushrooms

  • This is a machine used for sorting fruit and vegetables.
  • We have various machines used for carrots, parsley, fruits like cherries; frozen fruit and vegetables and mushrooms.
  • Calibrator for various type of berries, strawberries, blueberries