Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Equipment

We provide sorting solutions for a wide range of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Our vegetable calibrator machines can efficiently remove unwanted stems and foreign material from food and sort into process lines.


Calibration and Screening Equipment

Soil and Sand Separator

  • This machine is for separating contaminants such as sand and soil from raw products like spinach, lettuce, etc.

Belt Blazer / Vibratory Glazer

  • This machine is used before the calibration process of products like broccoli and cauliflower.
  • This is also for improvement in appearance of processed products.

Roller, Drum Calibrators / Calibrator Mushrooms

  • This is a machine used for sorting fruit and vegetables.
  • It is used for carrots, parsley, fruits like cherries; frozen fruit and vegetables and mushrooms.