Packaging & Automation Solutions

Packaging and Automation is one of the most important facets of the food production process, especially if you are a company that produces, sells, and ships food.

Our Packaging and Automation Solutions are designed to retain the quality of the product and maintain the integrity of the packaging. ProExFood Packaging & Automation Solutions will help you to have a safe Packaging Line, very low labor costs and a short ROI (Return On Investment) rate. 

We provide solutions for the highest automatization level for packaging solutions. Automated loading, packaging system, weighing and labelling, case packing, palletizing / depalletizing, internal case or tray transport.


Automation of Processing and Packaging Lines

We plan,  design and install your FULL automated Packaging Line. ProExFood provides complete Solutions for Main-Packaging and After-Packaging processes: 

Main Packaging Processes:

  • Product Handling
  • Alignment
  • Collating
  • Conveying, dosing and loading of the product 

After-Packaging Processes: 

  • Weighing 
  • Labelling
  • Inspection & Control 
  • Cartoning, Crate Packing and Palletizing 

Fruit & Vegetable Packaging Machines

  • We provide different types of packaging solutions.
  • We manufacture, check weighing-systems, automatic bathing system for octabins, belt weighing batcher, and check weighing systems.

Fruit & Vegetable Packaging Lines

  • We provide you the best possible commercial food packaging equipment suitable for your product.
  • From vacuum packing up to vertical packaging machines.
  • High Capacity Filler (Canning) 
  • Vacuum Packing machine 
  • Vertical form fill sealer
  • Thermoforming Machine 
  • Flow Wrapper 
  •  Multihead-Weighers