Fruit and Vegetable Washers

We have vegetable washing equipment for processing of the following foods:

Sweet Corn, Seed Corn, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, Onions, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Beet Roots, Peas, Beans, Mushrooms, Radishes, Sauerkraut, Leafy Vegetables like Spinach, Sorrel, Lettuce, Corn Salad, etc., Different types of berries, Frozen Fruits, Cherries, and more.


Receiving and Washing Equipment

Lifting Tipper

  • This is used to discharge box pallets, containers and octagons.

Drum Washer and De-stoner

  • This washer is used for initial or final washing of root vegetables like carrots, parsley, potatoes, beet roots, etc.
  • This is normally placed before the bruch or steam peeler.

Washer for Bundles

  • This washer is used for washing vegetables tied into bundles like carrots, radishes or parsley.

Jet Washer for Green Beans

  • This jet washer is used for washing green beans.

Flotation Washer with De-stoner

  • This machine is used for green peas and corn.

Blade Washer with De-stoner

  • This is for initial washing of root vegetables like carrots parsley, potatoes and beet roots.

Bubble Washer for Leafy Vegetables

  • This washer is used for high efficiency washing of leafy vegetables like spinach, sorrel, lettuce, salads, etc.

Belt Washer for Chives

  • This is a belt washer used for washing chives.