Fresh Sweet Corn Processing

ProExFood provides the best solution for Fresh Market Sweet Corn Processing. We have solutions for Fresh Sweet Corn Cobs, Fresh Sweet Corn Cobbettes and Fresh Sweet Corn Kernels. Our solution is handling sweet corn cobs very gently to reduce any possible damages on the product.

ProExFood provides you a custom made Solution according to your needs. Not matter if you want to pack the Sweet Corn Fresh in trays or process the corn further for Vacuum Packing, we work with you to find the best solution for you. 

Our Core Processing Lines includes: 

1. Receiving Conveyor 

2. Cob Saw (to cut the top and tale and also produce cobbettes)

3. Fresh Sweet Corn Huskers with low profile husker rolls 

4. (FULL Automatic) Packaging Line

5. Full Control over the line with ProEx Control Panel System 

6. The Line includes platforms for operators-easy maintenance- as well and  a Central Waste Management System 


We provide Turn-Key Solutions for

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