Delta Pick & Place Robots

Our delta / pick & place robots can automation multiple tasks in your processing and production operation. They are available in IP65 and IP69K hygiene levels and help you improve operational efficiency while reducing labor.

Pick & Place Robots for Your Processing and Packaging Needs

Robotic automation is here to help you achieve high levels of operational efficiency and quickly realize a return on your investment. No only will you achieve exceptional levels of output product quality and safety, but you will do so while reducing your labor needs overall and minimizing repetitive tasks. 

Our pick and place robots are flexible, and can be used for multiple steps in your production and processing operations. They are also scalable from single unit installations to series implementations, depending on the size of your operation, the amount of tasks you need to be automated and available space.

  • Adapted for Fruits & Vegetables from Existing Food Applications
  • Optional Grippers Ranging From Soft Touch to Secondary Packaging
  • Improve Your Hygiene & Quality While Reducing Your Labor Costs
  • Improving Your Production Process Speed While Reducing Repetitive Motion
  • Up to IP69K Hygiene Level Components & Packages
  • Can Be Used for Multiple Operational Processes and Daisy Chained
  • All Belts are CE & FDA Approved
  • Proposals Typically Include Calibration and Training

Robot in Action

Here is a short clip from our demo at Fruit Logistica 2020!

For this demo, we programmed the robot with a general script to identify incoming product, find it, pick it, and place it in two rows.  This simulated general orientation for primary packaging.  Users brought their own sample products, and were able to watch the robot in live action!

Vision System Options

Product Image Scanning

The pick & place delta robot system utilizes a vision system in combination with proprietary software that enables multi-use applications.

The vision system scans incoming products to be picked up with a camera, then passes the position of the product to the robotic system. The gripper then picks up the desired product, orientates it and places it according to the pre-programmed pattern, with speeds of up to 150 picks per minute (depending on the fragility and softness of the product). This makes it possible to handle product between lines, other machines in your line, and to load trays, flow packers, stretch wrappers, or other applications in your plant.  

This can be combined with scanning and other technologies to see through corn husks or other exterior membranes to determine the health of the product.


  • Available in a variety of price points and hygiene levels depending on your budget and production needs
  • The robot can be operated by means of an integrated touch screen which is mounted on the swivel arm, typically 15” HMI / Siemens
  • The system can easily be adapted to your needs for optimal integration into your production
  • The robot is low maintenance and has EHEDG components
  • All materials are approved EC 1935/2004 (FDA)
Mechanical Arms

Multiple robotic arm styles available, up to optimally hygienic titanium


The robot can, and is recommended to, be suspended in a solid stainless steel portal frame equipped with polycarbonate access doors at the front and back


The portal frame and housing can be treated with Viwateq to help protect against the growth of micro-organisms

Energy Sources

Typically electric and air only, no electronics


Able to be configured for clean room applications


Options ranging from size and orientation to scanning through exterior membranes


Available options include on-site technical and operational department programs


Available 24/7 remote technical assistance with optional camera for real-time view


Available predictive maintenance and service reminders

Kinematic System

Delta Robot

Axle Options

Up to 5 axes

Protection Classes

IP65 to IP69K

Noise Level

<68 dB (A) in IP69K


Below are product and application dependent:

Working range diameter*

ø6.50 mm. to ø1.600 mm.

Payload Max*

Up to 25 kg

Pick & Place Speed*

up to 150 p/min (max)

Accuracy Position*

As low as ± 0.1 mm. (X, Y, Z)

Angle Accuracy*

As low as ± 0.1 °

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