Conservation / Sterilization / Pasteurization

ProExFood provides you turn key solutions for Conservation/Sterilization/Pasteurization of your products. With our lastest Technologies & Smart Solutions our customers are always more than one Step ahead of their competitors.


Sterilization, Conservation & Pasteurization

ProEx Food has partnered with innovators in sterilization, conservation and pasteurization technology from our global partner solution portfolio.  These equipment and process solutions help you achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability. 

Pasteurization and sterilization are useful for all types of packaged products and designed for all kinds of packaging types. Our solutions can be integrated in many infrastructure configuration and are designed to better protect the environment by using less energy in both water/steam and electricity.  




Steam / Water Spray / Bi-Process. Static / Rocking/Rotary. Faster and much more energy efficient than immersion or cascading water retorts. 


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