Blanching Equipment

Blanching has become such an important step in processing as consumers are increasingly concerned with the risks of product contamination.  We have several blanching solutions, using either hot water or steam, with cooling options.  We also have our sustainability option that supplants some of the water usage in cooling processes with air.  Please see our options below and let us know how we can help you keep your product safety at the high levels your customers expect.


Screw Blancher with Cooler

This machine is for blanching the products that are not at risk of compaction.
  • The machine consists of separate blanching and cooling sections
  • Your product enters at a hopper that is part of the blanching section
  • It then falls into the screw trough, where it is kept in a high temperature bath for the preset time
  • A spiral screw forms regulatory temperature chambers to ensure consistent application of the heat
  • A rising screw conveyor transitions from the blanching water section to the cooling process
  • Here, your product rests in a bath to cool down to your desired final temperature
  • Ater completion, a conveyor transitions to your next process step
  • Throughout the process, mixing pumps regulate water to and from your source and recycling and/or waste tanks
Blancher With Water Cooling

Belt Spray Blancher with Cooling Option

The video on this page represents this product.  

The belt spray blancher is used for the heat treatment of vegetables.
  • Water in the first section spreads your product out evenly on the belt which is driven by a variable speed drive
  • After the blanching phase, the product can pass through a cold spray to cool it down
  • Water pulps feed water from your hot and cold supplies to a mixing tank at your specified temperature  
  • The control system sets and managers the process parameters (belt speed, water temperature, blanching and cooling time, water consumption etc.)
  • Temperature of the product after cooling can be managed to your spec, depending on the temperature of your cold water supply

This unit is not optimized for leafy greens, although we have a jet washer made specifically for those. 

Belt Spraying Blancher with Air Cooling System

This sustainability designed model reduces water consumption in the cooling phase
  • A vibratory feeder spreads out your product on the belt
  • Hot water spray blanches the product as it passes through
  • After blanching, a initial cold spray/mist is initially applied.  
  • A set of fans then passes air over the product to complete the cooling process 
  • After circulation, the spent air enters your extraction/removal/reconditioning system
  • The control system manages the process parameters (water temperature, blanching and cooling time, water consumption, air speed, etc.)
  • Hot water for blanching is heated by the direct injection of steam into the blancher tub chamber
  • Water is also heated in the blancher distribution section
  • The machine enables blanching in three options:
    • Using hot water
    • Using steam
    • Using a combination of hot water and steam
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