A Growing Team with a Growing, Innovative Product Portfolio

This year’s Fruit Logistica show in Berlin, Germany was a wonderful show for the ProEx Food Team. Members of our US staff and robotics partner joined our Düsseldorf team to showcase our products and capability, while engaging with many of our partners and clients based in the region.

The star of our booth was our Hygienic Delta Pick & Place Robot, optimized for handling fruits and vegetables. This is a place where we really stood out from the pack. While several manufacturers boasted about this capability, the ProEx Food version was the only one that took an existing, proven module that was built for the food and beverage industry and optimized it for fragile product handling. Ours was already set to go for fruits and vegetables. We weren’t showcasing a concept – we were demonstrating an in-market, production solution that we have modified for our specialty in fresh market.

Here’s a video showing just how well that went:

In fact, we were so confident in our product that we had our engineer configure it to scan inbound items, determine size and orientation, grab and align these products into two rows, and told him he could go home a couple days before the show even started. We then went a step further and invited guests to bring their own products for a live demo, by emailing our customers ahead of time and then also walking the halls and inviting more producers to stop by and try it themselves. No joke – we did not have a support engineer on hand for the rest of the show, and that was just fine.

Just How Well Did it Go?

Great. Wonderful. Wunderbar. Uitstekend. Parfaitement. 見事. No matter what you want to call it, no matter what language, it went fantastically well. Just how well? It made it to the Fruit Logistica machinery and technology marketing video that was recorded and distributed during the event. We may be biased, but we believe the portion of the video between 20 and 29 seconds is the best part…


What Else did ProEx Food Showcase?

Thanks for asking! Yes, we’re very proud of how well the robot performed, the buzz it created, and the amount of inquiries we received about it. No question. Of course, that’s just a fraction of the product portfolio we discussed with our clients. Our main artwork was there to show the depth of our offerings for processors and packagers.

That message really hit home. We had many companies ask us how we could not only help with their automation, but how we could engineer additional processes and lines for their plants. Could we help them with their sweet corn, carrot, potato, onion, chicory, leafy green, tomato, etc. processing and packaging? Yes – happy to. We’re working through several projects as we speak sprouted from the show.

If you want to see more about the rest of our offerings, or have any questions – please reach out. We are innovators in fruit and vegetable processing and packaging, and likely have a solution that will help you achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and grow your revenue stream.

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