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We are the food processing, packaging & warehousing integrated automation solution PROject EXperts, which is where the ProEx Food name comes from.  Our team has decades of experience in the food production, equipment manufacturing, integration and design engineering / consulting industries.

What really sets ProEx Food apart is that we’ve leveraged our solutions and consulting experience into our core operational principle of focusing on integrated automation solutions.  That means we analyze your specific needs and solution engineer the most optimal design and equipment configuration for you.  We source products from our internal portfolio as well as from our vast global network when that would best suit your needs.

Here’s a little overview of ProEx Food:

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Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, USA with European operations in Düsseldorf, Germany and manufacturing capability in the US and Europe, ProEx Food, LLC delivers best-in-class solutions for food production operators globally.  ProEx Food, LCC focusses on bringing automation benefits our clients in terms of equipment, robotics and integrated control systems to reduce labor and increase food safety.  The result is that your line with realize increased operational efficiency, achieved while decreasing your personnel requirements.  

The ProEx Food Executive Team

Ross Lund

Ross Lund ProEx Food

Ross is our passionate CEO, our energized leader across our global business, our US operations leader, and the head of our strategic partnerships.  He has cross-disciplinary experience in the field of engineered manufactured products. Ross has been a business leader in the Agro and Food Industries for over 20 years.

Daniel Ghadiri
CTO and President

Daniel Ghadiri ProEx Food

Daniel is our CTO and President, and our European operations leader. He has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and more than 10 years of experience in the food processing industry.  Daniel can often be found working directly with our engineers on solutions and design engineering projects.

Our Management Team

ProEx Food is focused on taking the best global technology and integrating it into valuable solutions for our customers.  Our managerial team leads initiatives across functional areas and oversees our US and European-based Project Managers and Engineers.  We all work closely together and with our customers to develop and implement the best solutions for you and to spread awareness of our innovative solutions.

John Swanson
Customer Solutions Manager

John is our Proposal and Operation leader with more than 40 years of transformational experience.  John has worked across healthcare and equipment manufacturing verticals and is Lean Blackbelt & APICS Certified.  John focusses on cost control and quality.

Nick Maglio
Director of Marketing

Nick is our Marketing lead with 15 years of automotive, agriculture and construction manufacturing product management, marketing and integrated services.  Nick has experience spanning both the agency and OEM side of business and is responsible for our marketing strategy and technology.

Our Solutions Approach

ProEx Food is built on experienced integration professionals in the food processing and packaging industry and verticals.  We offer advanced solutions from equipment sales to engineering and all the way through implementation.  We adhere to a robust process that we follow to develop, implement and close your food processing projects that involves

  • Design & Solutions Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Partnerships
  • Project Management & Implementation
  • After Sales Support

Once we receive your inquiry, our engineers will review it and contact you for any further questions. We work on an optimization mantra: assessing your requirements and then custom curating your ideal solution within your project boundaries. We provide you with engineering, layout planning, installation of the equipment in your line and after sales services.

The ProEx Food Process

Budgets & Financing

ProEx Food makes sure we find the right solution for you.  When we start a project, we ask questions not only about your needs, but also your budget.  This enables our engineering team to define the equipment and integration that best suits your needs, while keeping an eye on project scope boundaries.  Solution optimization means our recommendations are meant to be actionable now.

We also partner with financial institutions to offer financing options.  We can help secure a loan, or even create a leasing agreement.  We want to enable you to upgrade and begin operating now.

Milwaukee, WI, USA

Düsseldorf, Germany


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